Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE)

At Croxton, we implement a whole-school approach to sexuality education, which includes recognition of
sexual and gender diversity. This approach recognises that a young person’s whole experience of
attending school is one of continuous learning, and honours the fact that our students are individuals and
their sexuality and relationship experiences are no less a part of their identity than students in
mainstream schools.

Whole-school sexuality education is a shared partnership approach between the school, parents and the
local community. This approach encompasses teaching sexuality education in the classroom, and
modelling that learning in the school environment, in the day to day operation of the school, and in the
various ways the school connects with parents and the surrounding community. There is comprehensive
evidence that school wide sexuality education which provides consistent and accurate information from
an early age and is respectful of sexual and gender diversity, contributes to positive behaviours, and
enables young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health.

Sexuality education focuses on relationships and friendships, respect for oneself and others, safe sex,
diversity, personal rights and responsibilities, effective communication, and healthy decision making and
risk education. Although this subject is covered under the Health and Physical Education area of the
curriculum, students will be taught RSE by their own classroom teacher. They will explore issues such as
puberty, reproductive systems, sexual development and maturation, consent, and sexual health issues
such as community attitudes and laws, contraception, safer sex and STI prevention. They will also explore
issues pertinent to establishing healthy, respectful relationships and develop the skills to manage positive
social relationships and understand, manage and resolve conflict.

From 2019, each student at Croxton from Foundation to Year 12 will be learning Relationship and
Sexuality Education concepts weekly with their classroom teacher. It is vital that this is also supported at
home, using the same language and philosophy.

To assist parents with teaching RSE concepts at home, we have the following resources:

1. RSE concepts and suggested language
2. A resource library of books and other useful material to borrow for home use
3. Parent Information Sheet
4. Other useful resources
5. Croxton's RSE policy

For further enquiries, please either speak to your child’s classroom teacher or Michaela Bunge