Positive Behaviour Support

STOP PRESS: The Positive Behaviour Support Launch day will take place on Monday, May 9, kicking off at approximately 9:30 to allow off campus groups time to make their way to the main campus. We will have an official assembly, cutting of the PBS cake/ribbon and be entertained by professional performers.

The Positive Behaviour Support Shop is opening this Friday, March 11

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a framework that offers a three-tiered intervention approach to supporting all students and their behaviour. SWPBS involves the establishment of a continuum of behaviour support that considers all students and emphasises prevention and intervention. It is a proactive approach that focuses on teaching all students the school expected behaviours. SWPBS predicts problems that students may have at school and uses a collaborative and consistent approach to prevent the problem. SWPBS assists us to build safe, caring and respectful schools. It focuses on identifying and rewarding positive behavior as a means to discourage negative behaviour.


Data suggests that SWPBS framework can improve:

  • the classroom and school climate;
  • decrease teacher time spent on reactive management of misbehaviour which leads to more teacher time spent teaching; and
  • resulting in improved academic achievement.

Principles of SWPBS:

  • SWPBS aims to decease and prevent challenging behaviours;
  • SWPBS aims to teach students how to behave in a socially appropriate manner;
  • SWPBS is a whole school approach aimed at creating an engaging environments for students, staff and families;
  • SWPBS is data driven;
  • Successful implementation of the SWPBS takes time;
  • SWPBS is evidence-based practice; and
  • Training all school staff, particularly leaders and teachers, in implementing the SWPBS framework in necessary; and successful implementation of SWPBS requires family involvement

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