The wellbeing of our whole Croxton School community is of utmost importance. Robyn Booth is a qualified Social Worker employed as Croxton’s Primary Welfare Officer. She works with students who are identified by teachers or parents, or the student themselves as needing some extra support with their social or emotional wellbeing and / or support with changing behaviours.

Services may be delivered on an individual or group basis depending on the needs of the student/s. When the need is identified by staff or families, Robyn facilitates structured group sessions for students in the areas of social skills, personal development and puberty, anger management and protective behaviours. Parents’ permission will be sought before a student commences these groups or receives individual counselling.

Liaising with outside support agencies is also a significant part of the Primary Welfare Officer role and Robyn is able to refer students and / or families to appropriate support services when needed. Robyn also provides support to our Croxton families in the way of parent information sessions, informal parent support as well as more formal support where needed.

Parents are welcome to call Robyn or talk to her at the school if they think that they or their child may benefit from this service. Robyn works at Croxton on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, and may be contacted at: