Performing Arts

Students from Multi-Age, PALS and a combined Prep / Primary group participate in a practical program where they learn general Performing Arts skills. These include self-control, trust, self-awareness, group / teamwork, cooperation, concentration, audience and performance.

We focus on the specific skills within the two dimensions of dance:

Elements (Time, Space, Energy; locomotor and non-locomotor movements; different dance styles – contemporary, jazz, hip hop, cultural); and

Drama (body language, spatial awareness, movement, non-verbal communication, mime, voice, improvisation, characterisation, narrative)

The students are learning, through the creation and presentation of their performance artworks, how to meaningfully convey ideas, concepts, experiences, and imagined situations whilst interacting and engaging in a stimulating and positive environment.

This program also enables students to apply their skills to create, rehearse and perform for a visiting audience at Croxton School.