Satellite Unit at Reservoir East Primary School

Croxton School’s Primary Satellite Unit at Reservoir East PS is a new and innovative approach that provides Croxton students the opportunity and pathway to be fully integrated into a composite mainstream classroom. The newly-built open plan classroom offers state-of-the-art resources such as an interactive whiteboard and an iPad/computer room.

The program targets the students’ individual needs whilst focusing on fully integrating the students into Reservoir East Primary School. The Croxton students and Reservoir East students share a classroom the students are taught by both Croxton and Reservoir East staff.

The staff deliver a broad curriculum including literacy, numeracy, personal and interpersonal development, information technology, art and physical education. The students participate in the Reservoir East PS whole school activities as well as whole school activities at Croxton School such as Jump Rope for Heart and the Fun Run. This is done as a whole class with all families invited to participate in the activities on the day.

The students are required to purchase and wear the Reservoir East school uniform. The school hours are from 9am to 3.30pm and parents must provide transport to and from school.